New to raw


I'm Denny and I'm pretty new to this. My mom has been involved with a Hallelujah Diet group for the past year and its been growing on me. I have a history of pursuing healthy lifestyles and competitive powerlifting, so living without animal protein has been a pretty foreign concept to me. I started reading about raw a couple months ago and it has really started to grip me. I'm in college and I'm not ready to go 100% raw or even vegan yet, but reading about it has made me greatly increase the amount of raw foods I consume and I have had a few days that have been completely raw. I feel great on those days and just about every time I had meat I feel like a have a baseball sitting in my stomach. Needless to say I believe what is being said.

Anyways, I've been lurking about on the raw websites, and decided to come out and start participating. Also, I'm in Tempe, AZ if any of you are out this way.



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