Starting raw

Okay, so. I've decided that I just need to go ahead and be raw otherwise I'll keep putting it off and end up not doing it at all! It's not that I have a strong attatchment to any cooked foods, it's just that I'm kind of nervous that I wouldn't be able to have access to anything raw in Indiana. Because, literally, no one I have ever met in Indiana eats raw. So I need help. I do regular liver and gallbladder flushes, juice fasts, water fasts, and I'm about to do a 5 day master cleanse. So, basically would becoming a raw foodist still effect the detox process? Should I expect to feel tired and have worse insomnia, or have mood swings or any of that stuff. I've read alot of topics on here that say that after some time(6 months) of being raw they've started to have breakouts, insomnia, and ect. I'd rather not have that. So, since I'm already and have been doing all these detoxes will I still get all the symptoms that new raw foodists get and then after a year be over it? Love to know!


  • Great choice! If you can, jsut keep the foods simple, but have a variety of simple foods on hand. I find raw becomes most difficult to maintain when the meal preparation becomes harder.

    You should expect some detox symptoms, but how they will manifest is hard to tell. I was SAD (really BAD SAD too) for 35 years before going raw for a couple months, and then high raw. I had some flu-like symptoms a few days after switching to high raw but they went away after 3 or 4 days. After that I would have some occasional mood swings or skin irritation, but it was always short lived. Some people have much longer symptoms. I don't knwo why, I don't think anyone does.

  • A good eBook for keepin' it real for the raw food beginner...

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