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Hello, not sure if i posted this in the right spot so thought i would try it here. Sorry if I am over posting

I was watching a you tube video by David Wolfe and he was talking about the top 10 herbs. Here are the best onces according to him

1.Mushrooms (Most notably the Medicinal Mushrooms: Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, etc.)

2. Ginseng

3. Astragalus

4. Cat's Claw

5. Camu Camu Berry

6. Mangosteen Rind

7. Pau D' Arco

8. Tulsi aka Holy Basil

9. Ashwagandha

10. Garlic...

My question is this, I can find all of these from Swanson vitamins catolog. Is this what he is talking about or would it be fresh Herbs that you would grow in a garden? If so any idea where you would get the seeds for some off these?

Thanks for any help you might have


  • Ive been doing quite a alot of these herbs already :) (im studying naturopathy)

    The only think you might like to get from swansons (if thats where you get things now) are the oderless garlic extracts. I think capsules and stuff like that contain animal products, so you really have to be careful, or just break open the capsule before ingesting it.. Im not sure.. And maybe a vit-c powder (camu or acerola).

    Everything else youd really be best of be getting fresh from where Daniel vitalis gets alot of his stuff from. You can search daniel on youtube, and learn about how to make a really good elixir using cats claw and pau d'arco etc.

    If you got these herbs from your garden even better. Next best thing is out in the wild. You can watch the wild alchemist gather herbs here:

    Herbs are fun! Have fun with it. Feel free to look up the herbal properties of a herb that catches your eye at mountrain rose herbs too, it just might be something that agrees with you.

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