packaged foods? What is in your pantry besides oil and vinegars..

I was looking at some recipes and must ask about ingredients being raw? Like kelp noodles? I mean, how am I sure these weren't cooked for process? Let me make it simple, what do you buy that you feel more raw about? *off topic, I have read in "the 150 healthiest foods on Earth" that olives in vinegar are not nutritious as you know them to be, but the ones in the oil..(gotta look this up) processed without vinegar, are good for you! But I totally understand making these choices for flavor....I am dying for new flavors! But if you are talking superfoods, then you may want to make sure you eat the right process of the packaged foods, so what does one think about artichokes in a can and what I just said? Any tips? Thank you so much for the help!


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    With the kelp noodles, I buy the SeaTangle brand. The company says they are Raw so I think they're telling the truth. I usually don't buy into any superfoods mainly because I feel our bodies are fine without them. Once every few months, I get some goji berries or cacao nibs but I generally don't eat them on a daily basis. I don't buy anything in a can either. I mainly just buy produce that looks good to me. I like combining different flavors together in smoothies and in salads. Even if it's just 2 veggies with some simple spices and oil, it still tastes good.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Last weekend the family went to a restaurant. I wanted Cafe Gratitude but was out voted so I did the best I could and ordered a yummy sounding salad. Anyhow it came w/ canned artichokes which I really used to love. Ha, mainly on pizza but salads too. I was totally surprised at how gross and, no kidding, dead tasting they were to me. I would never want them again. This really showed me how much my taste buds have changed.

    Now, if you still have a taste for something not totally raw but still basically good for you, just go ahead. My guess is this just happens naturally over time and be proactive, question the companies if you want to know. I have some packaged dried blueberries that I love in my 'homemade' raw cereal but I'm pretty sure they must heat them too high to be raw. This just because they don't even claim to be raw and the miserable failure I had trying to dry my own. I will be trying again! but till then I'm ok with my non raw ones cause they enhance my meal and I know soon I will do better.

    Wishing you good health along with the others!

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