You're So Vain....

So tell me, there a plenty of health benefits from going raw...but who all became instantly interested because of the dramatic weight loss and beauty transformations? Many, if not all of us, want to be thin, strong, flexible---even flawless. In going Raw and staying raw, these are pretty much a given. So, it's confession time! How vain are you?


  • to be honest with you i haven't lost a pound....maybe I'm just not doing it right but I've stayed the exact same. But i feel cleaner inside and i have alot more energy. So i would say that if this is vain then i'll take it cause i'd rather be vain and healthy then chalked full of preservatives and over weight......

  • I will admitt there was deffinatly some vanity in my going raw. That wasnt 100% of the reason but about 50%. I have not lost much weight either. My skin is FLAWLESS however.

  • Mixed motives are standard. Raw was partly a health thing for me (I was depressed and very fatigued) and partly very much a vanity thing (my depression and fatigue always leads to weight gain because of the inactivity). I would say 50-50. Of course, they overlap...your mood and energy can be influenced by your self-esteem to a huge degree.

    I think if your only motive for going raw were to "get gorgeous" you'd lose interest very quickly. There are quick fixes out there for the people who just want to improve their appearance or lose weight. We're an impatient species.

    Raw is not a fad diet, so those who stick with it are interested in the long term health benefits (and for vegans, the sense of ethical balance too) at least to some extent.

    Good question!


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  • Starting out it was purely weight and health reasons for me It's still that way I guess. I do look better when I'm thinner, healthier and raw, but I guess that's never been my motive.

  • My interest started with the dramatic transformations I saw in people. However, my passion for raw food and the lifestyle continues to grow because of the way it makes me feel.

    After a week eating almost exclusively raw foods (except for coffee), I would continue to strive to eat this way because of the sense of well being it has been giving me (I have moments, but not like before). If my body stayed just the same as when I ate poorly (which it won't) I would likely stay raw because of all of the mental benefits.

  • At first I wasn't vain about it at all. over time, the propensity for vanity crept in as the clock started to turn back. Initially, I just wanted to feel better, but now people comment on my skin, hair, etc so much- it def can lead to vanity, 'fo sure.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    vanity was not on my list whatsoever. i had a lot of digestive track issues (acid reflux, ibs, proctitis) and they were basically taking over my life. i felt so sick all the time and when i incorporated raw foods into my diet, everything went away. i have no problems anymore and the great skin is just a plus. i also haven't lost any weight, but i feel stronger and cleaner inside.

  • I did it to be a good role model for my 9 month old daughter. I could not have her eat her veggies and fruits if I was not eating them. I do not under any circumstances want to lose an ounce. I am 115 pounds and struggling to keep that on. I hope that I can gain some healthy weight while staying raw. I was up to 150 when I got pregant but I was 90% raw and it fell off more quickly than I thought.

    I do want my glowing skin and mental capacity back.

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