Back to raw...again!

Hi, my name is Angela and I have tried the Raw food lifestyle about eight times in my life, for different reasons and different len ghts each time. I've tried detox, weight loss, etc., and each time I caved-in to peer pressure and food addictions, or lack of will power/ conviction, I don't know. The fact is that it was always short lived, but in the back of my mind I have known that this way of eating is right for me. My main reason is not ethical, and I don't strive or claim to be vegan; I use leather and raw honey. My main reason is the way I feel when go raw- I sleep like baby, my skin improves, tons of energy, I become regular, lose weight, etc., etc. You would think that all these result would be enough for anyone to stay raw, but I guess not for me.

This time, I entertained the thought of going raw for about six months, then I waited for the holidays and my/ my kids' birthdays to be over, then I decided to do the Bikram challenge (30 clases in 30 days), and to go raw before it. The challenge started April 1st, and I started my raw food diet (I hope lifestyle this time) on March 18th. I have had 2 cooked meals since and had nachos and Ice cream last Saturday. I felt like crap as if a ton of bricks hit my stomach. I did not go to the bathroom for 2 days. I have forgotten that feeling already, boy do I have a bad memory when it comes to food.

I am doing a few things differently this time and it hopefully that wil make a difference. I am not hanging out with my old playmates or going to my old playgrounds, where people can tell me"one is not going to kill you," or "oh, you'll start again tomorrow," etc. I have been watching a lot of youtube videos made by rawfoodist, THANK YOU SO MUCH, reading a lot of posts and joining every network, asking for a lot of help, being honest and forgiving with myself. just because I have not been perfect doesn't mean I have to give up and forget about the hole thing.

I have been sprouting, making a lot of green smoothies, making a lot of salads and eating a lot of fruit, I am planning on dusting my Excalibur off and putting it to good use. I ts been sitting in my garage for the last 6 years, pitty!!

Well I am very happy to have found you guys and hope to learn from you.


  • Best wishes on your raw journeys!

    I've had similar experiences. I have been "going raw" for about two years. I've tried maintaining high raw but have fallen back down to low raw twice for a few months each time basically. The reasons were similar to yours, but I blame myself more than others really. If I didn't enjoy that food in some way, or maybe just miss it dearly, I wouldn't have eaten it no matter how much pressure people or life in general gave me. The real problem is when I go back to it I start eating a lot of it and that is even worse. I can't imagine there being a happy medium where I can eat that stuff in moderation while still eating healthy. For me it just isn't working that way.

    This time I'm hoping to stay high raw for a longer period, if not permanent even. I am openly allowing some cooked legumes and whole grains to keep me sane, but in great moderation. I'll even let some egg or dairy in if I'm really going to have a splurge of bad, but I want to limit it to just that.

    There are many others like us I believe. Not everyone just goes raw and stays that way. For some they take a few years to become high raw full time.

    Keep with it! You know you want to be raw. Trust yourself to get there, That is my approach. I know I want to be raw, and I know I may make mistakes, some of them even longer than a simple mistake I get up brush myself off and walk away from. But I know I WILL be back and each time I want it to be for an even longer time that I am back.

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