Mini Master/Citrus Cleanse?

I did the master cleans on new years but recently my friend wanted me to do another fast so we can experiment with my diet to nick my acne in the BUTT!

my frient wanted me to do a pineapple juice and selium seed fast for 3 days, At first I was just going to do a water fast,.. in the end I decided to kind of do another mini master cleanse.

Does this sound alright?

I'm on day 5 but what I've been doing is basically once or twice a day (although today I did 3) of the Maple Syrrup-cayenne- lemonade, then 2 or three grapefruits, maybe sometimes oranges I had 3 grapefruit 3 oranges and 2 or 3 juices... which was more than Ive been doing so far. I did tell myself that I was would also allow some kombucha becayse grapefruits and kombucha are supposed to be good on the liver...

(I guess I should mention that when i drink the juice I do 16oz )

does this sound ok or effective in anyway?


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