Raw Dancers?

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Come out come out where ever you are... I was wondering who else on here is a raw - dancer? I have been on a major break from ballet and am getting encouraged to start dancing again. I miss dance in general. Let's share some dance passion and energy. I'll leave this open for all kinds of dance whether you train or not or are just a crazy couch jumper/living room undies kind of dancer! For the love of DANCE my friends! Dance is movement and emotions not perfection. So swing with me, kick but please watch my face dear, plie, waltz, break it down baby - whatever suits your fancy. Spread the love... start a discussion in this topic post... share good memories or dreams you will make come true. Encourage others to start dancing or get back into it again! What is your favorite raw meal prior to class? How has raw helped you in your training/dancing? What kinds of raw protein are you getting? How has your dancing changed since going raw? Do you feel more connected to your body and your dancing now? There are only a few great topics we can open to discusson on this post... so Texas two step your way over and start chatting!!!

Pink TuTu Twirls,

Johnny "I Hope You Dance"


  • I am a lifelong lover of tap dancing, and raw has improved every area of my life including my dancing experience. The music feels like it reaches me at a deeper level, the rhythm of the beat and the tapping sounds seem to flow through me more freely. I also feel less inhibited because of how much raw has helped me emotionally. Green smoothies are my favorite meal before and/or after most activities, dance included :)

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