Brown Pigment Problem

I've been told that I have melasma on my forehead. I was on Ortho-Lo birth control over a year ago which is more than likely what caused it. I've been off the b-control for more than a year, tried hydroquinone creams (which I later found out were bad, bad, bad), tried apple cider vinegar topically, whole yogurt masks, etc and cant find anything to help it go away. I'm considering the Fraxel laser treatment as a last resort. Any advice on what else may help clear this up? Thanks!

P.S. Although the whole yogurt masks didn't clear up the melasma it made my skin look great! I know it's not something you normally find in a raw foodie kitchen but give it a shot if you don't mind that it's yogurt! Just whole, organic, yogurt spread thin or thickly across clean skin for as long as you want! Make sure you DON'T get non-fat or low-fat ; )


  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I have had a pigment problem in the mustache area that started when I started juicing. I had green onions in my morning drink. Three weeks ago, I stopped the green onion and added one lemon. It appears that the discoloration is going away. It's about40-50% less now. What you are eating affects your skin.

    I cannot bring myself to even use soap with milk products in it.

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