New Vitamix no plastic smell

vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

Hi all

we just got our new vitamix on friday and there had been other posts on here talking about how it smelled plasticy and weird and we just wanted to post that ours had no normal plastic odor and is of course the BPA free kind and we even made a warm soup in it ( not steaming hot of course) and it had no taste difference than our glass blender but much smoother consistency. I have stuck with a glass kitchen aid for a year and I must say I now am one of the many who have fallen in love with the vitamix. I also think it would have been much easier to stay raw in this cold NW winter if I had had the right blender.

Definately my pic for best appliance for the raw foodist

Look for our post later on Goji Incan Torte we recreated a slice we had bought from Raw Vegan Source who I beleve gets it from House of the Rising Sun. It did not turn out exactly the same but almost.

Everyone enjoy your sunny day

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