Anyone having a hard time finding a good variety of organic produce?

Every week i go to Whole Foods/Harry's and i get the same three or four fruits that are organic. Is it just the season?



    Great resource for finding local farmer's markets and farms, even CSA programs. Your best bet is to shop your local farmer's market and if you can't do that then check out local orgranic farm service. They deliver produce boxes... and all this supports locally grown, season, organic foods as well as the earth, farmers and natural growing. It's cheaper too. If you are in an area that has whole foods markets then you must be in a popular enough place to have farmer's markets and maybe even farm delivery. Store produce has been picked, shipped and shelved. Farm fresh is the best option if you can't grow stuff yourself. Do you ever do the farmer's market? or interested? It's the highlight of my Sundays! I love it. I have made so many vendor friends too that like to gift me each week with free goodies, bless their souls! In return I like to make them little garden gift bags : )

  • Cool- thanks for the link! i really need this.

  • Best of luck. Let us know if you find a market and how it feels for you. I find it highly enjoyable to rummage through the fresh organic produce with sunshine, fresh air, live music, people and the beauty of life force in different colors, textures, shapes, flavors - all around me! I hope you find one near and hit them up! The early you go the better but if you are pressed on cash, even though the markets are way cheaper, go the last hour of closing - they do major discounts.

    Pink TuTu Twirls,


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