Tips On Transitioning To Raw Vegan

Hello everyone. I'm 21 years old and I am ready to transition to raw vegan. I recently tried to go raw but realised I couldn't do it. This is coming from a person who has lived off meat and processed food her whole life. It's rare that I eat anything raw.

I need tips on how to become more raw. Also keeps in mind I am very under weight and need to pack on more than a few pounds. But am mostly concerned about being more raw. Please help.


  • Start with the raw fruits and veggies that you like. That way you know that you will eat them and they will not go to waste. I am trying to maintain or gain weight so I try to pack in lots of nuts, seeds, avacados and coconuts. Eat what you think sounds good!

  • Thank you Rawmen Noodles. Good advice. I already started buying avocados. I guess I'll buy nuts, seeds and coconuts soon.

  • I am starting at 50% raw and will consciously increase it as much as I can until I reach 100%, but I think I'll have to do it over time.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I think it's smart to lean into it slowly if you are not currently vegan or even vegetarian. Just that is a big transition for most people. When you feel confident that you can feed yourself, you can think about the details like gaining weight, getting enough calories, etc...these are overwhelming at first, and there's no single way that's successful for everyone every time.

    As for tips, try browsing some recipes on this site and make some that sound good and do-able!

  • I transitioned very quickly myself, and in the first few weeks by trying to have a raw breakfast and lunch each day putting myself very near high raw.

    I found it easiest by having a fruit smoothie at breakfast. A typical one would be an apple, 2 bananas, some strawberries, some blueberries, and either a teaspoon of flax seeds or a dozen or so almonds or cashews. Then I would fill up about 3/4 up the fruits with water and blend until it was smooth. If you have cacao nibs on hand, a pinch of those in there (maybe 1/4 tsp or so) makes it even nicer, but be careful not to add to many especially when new to raw.

    For lunch I found green smoothies were the biggest help transitioning to raw. To start off, you want predominantly fruit. You will be surprised how fresh tasting they are, I was. Try one with 2 pears or apples, a banana, and about a cup of greens to start. As you get used to them increase the greens to 2 cups, or even more. I like using a blend of greens. Starting off I found it quite tasty to use a blend of lettuce, spinach and parsley in roughly equal amounts.

    If you can do this each day for a while, then guess what? You are approximately 66% raw which is WAY more than you ever were before, and youo will start to notice the effects after a few days. After a while you can start making part of your dinner raw. Say having a large salad with a smaller portion of cooked food. That would put you over 80% raw which is considered high raw. Try that for a while and expect some great feelings along with some detox symptoms too. Once you clean out though you will feel great, and then if you want you can shoot for even higher raw if you so desire.

  • Thank you Smwery, Suasoria and Raw Explorer. This is some great advice. You'll have no idea how much this is helping me. I think that I can actually do this and I'm sure a month from now I will be a lot healthier.

  • A really good thing to do is to keep a journal or blog to track your progress, and record anything that really does or doesn't work.

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