White miso vs. azuki miso.

Hi everybody:)

I love miso. Oh so much. At first most of the recipes I was using called for white miso, and finding that was no problem. But now that I've moved my way through the raw food world, I'm seeing azuki miso pop up in a lot of the recipes. I haven't been able to find that. What is the major difference and would using white miso in it's place work alright? For instance, a recipe I'm making for BBQ sauce calls for azuki miso, but all I have is white.

Please help, oh experienced ones!


  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    what kind of white are you using? we use chickpea miso which is white but soy free and generally white miso's are sweeter. The only adzuki miso I know of is by South River I believe and they are wonderfully packaged in glass and long aged but the adzuki I tried was not near as sweet tasting as white miso much more beany and earthy. You could see if your local store can special order it. (it is worth a try its nice to have some variation but I am sure the white would work in your recipe just minimize any other ingredients that are sweet so you dont end up with too sweet of sauce)

    Hope that helps!

    also I just learned from a friend you should only use wood to scoop out miso as stainless steel can harm enzymes.

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