Gluten and Celiac

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My brother's girlfriend was just diagnosed with celiac about a month ago, since then she started doing some deep research on the subject and she says that celiac is not an allergy to gluten, rather the gluten is a toxin or at least part of it, and those with celiac just have more difficult handling with it then "normal" people do, she says many people have celiac to some degree and don't even know it, now this made me think, many seeds&nuts has certain types of toxin in them to fend away predators, and in most cases sprouting or soaking will get rid of those, anyone has any idea if its the same here? because I noticed that unsprouted rye seeds arn't too good, while sprouted one's are very nice and sweet.

It's also weird how that entire family of seeds that has gluten is considered a very basic commodity all around the world, since very long ago, yet as it seems its far from ideal for us..


  • Yes :) My mum is considered coeliac. However im not sure of the exact biological basis of this condition, i mentally group it with all grains, incl rice, corn etc. A very prominent biologist/naturopath here explains the 'lectin' issue.

    So in a way peoples bodies are really fighting a battle that doesnt need to be happening, and particulary with grains and dairy..

    Sprouted/soaked foods, are definatley nicer than unsprouted foods as the enzymes would be activated, and then makes it a 'living food'.

    --Coeliac's do not have a problem with wheatgrass.

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