Big Changes Coming

Hello to everybody! I've been lurking and going over this site, what a fantastic resource. Just what I need, in fact.

I am not a raw vegan, in fact I'm not even vegetarian. Actually, if I had to describe my diet, I'd say it's 20% fast food, 25% conveniently packaged stuff-you-nuke, 10% Doritos and siblings, 30% processed mass produced stuff and about 5% 'fresh'. In other words, I eat what I'm told to by TV. Or at least up until now. Add to these toxins the fact that I've smoked cigarettes pretty well non-stop for the last 27 years.

I'm 42 and recently told by the doctor that I'm 'about to be' diabetic. No surprise given my diet and the fact that all the rest of my family (sisters & mother) have it too. Believe it or not diabetes isn't even the big problem. You see, up until a year ago, I worked at a job that required about 10,000 steps a day (no kidding, we measured it). Now I work at home, and for the last year my exersize program has consisted of going up and down the stairs to pee, which happens alot.

I feel sick all the time, have no energy, have trouble sleeping, and generally can feel everything going to shit. I've gained weight, and even though I'm still not overweight I'm heavier now than I've ever been in my life, and all the weight gain is in the wrong place (all out front). I know what's happening, so I've made a drastic plan.

I need to detox.

My plan is that for 30 days, I'm going to a strict raw food diet. I'm also stopping smoking. Cold turkey was the only way I ever quit smoking before, the only true way that works, I'm assuming the same thing probably applies to raw food. I'm also going to keep a daily blog about the experience, perhaps even a video blog, or at least some video entries. I'm also actually going to exersize and record it, something I've never done. This is kinda like that 'Super Size Me' movie in reverse.

Now, when I set my mind to something, I usually do it, and I'm feeling good about this. Almost like it's going to be an adventure. I'm really curious about the results. I have an appointment with my doctor next Monday, and I'm going to tell her about my plan, may even do some testing beforehand and after to see the changes.

Now, after the 30 days, I may ease off, but will never return to where I am now. Or I may not, equally as likely if the results are good.

So, tell me honestly, am I nuts to attempt this? Or is this the smartest thing I may have ever done? You all are way more educated in this than I, and have experience as well. I'd love to hear any comments on my plan. I will post the blog site when I'm ready in case anyone wants to follow along.


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i think this is the smartest thing you've ever done!!! i'm very proud of you already and i don't even know you haha

    obviously, you will experience the usual detox symptoms from going raw, but i have never smoked, so not smoking might make the whole experience even more difficult.

    you will most definitely notice a difference in your midsection. mine used to stick out all the time and now it is generally flat (except when i eat certain foods). my digestion is KILLER, too.

    you should document what you eat and the exercises you're doing every day on this site and we can respond to them.

    good luck on your journey, my friend!

  • I will be documenting the whole thing, although probably in a blog, along with videos as well. It's going to take a little planning too. I'm rather excited about the whole experiment.

    My doctor, after seeing some routine test we did, scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist, and I have another one this Monday with both of them when I'm going to lay out my plan to them. Should be interesting to see their reactions.

    But, as I said, it's going to take some planning for meals, available foods and what not, so I'd say it's not going to start for about a week or so, but I'll definitely post updates.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    best of luck to you! be prepared for the healing crisis, though. which may include flu-like symptoms. Its totally normal but may take two weeks to clear. Do lots of green smoothies, theyre full of nutrients and will help ease any junk food cravings you may have. keep us updated.

  • Congrats! I was in a similair boat and have only been "clean" for about 1 month. Gave up cigarettes, caffiene, and am eating mostly raw. I will warn you...I had such severe detox symptoms that I could not exercise, work or even leave the house for about 3-4 days. I had a constant migraine, muscle and joint pain, fatigue and "fuzziness" mentally. However, I never once had an urge to pick up a cig, or eat differently. I felt to sick! When I finally came out of it I felt so much better. Its hard to describe. Only after one week of eating raw, people were looking at me in awe and asking what I was doing. Keep in mind I had not lost any weight due to my higher fat transition. (nuts, avocados, etc. Which is tapering off now.) They all thought I looked like I was glowing and I could see it to. I have more energy, a better mood, beautiful skin (acne before), and generally feel that it has led to so many positive changes. Even those around me have begun to make better choices simply because I am a walking testimony. I know that you can do it!

    I am aware, due to reading on this and other sites, that everyone is different. I've read of others whose detox was not that bad, but they had lived on fast food previously. I hope that you are one of those, but to be honest, having such a hard detox only prooved to me how bad I had been to my body and made me much less likey to go back.

  • Yes, I'm at the point mentally where I'm almost angry about my lifestyle, angry at myself for having let myself be duped by marketing for so many years, and I'm prepared for a detox. Glad to hear your story carrothuff. You're probably right about a hard detox only proving the point. I've had a small practice, and yes there were headaches from no caffeine and sugar and stuff, which as you said only made my will stronger.

    I just saw an amazing movie called 30 days Raw or something like that, 6 people go to a retreat in Arizona and actually cured their diabetes! Very motivating story.

    So, I'm making plans this weekend for grocery list, menu, etc. I've decided my target start date is April 22 for a couple of reasons - first of all, it's Earth Day, this kind of ties in with it, secondly I have an appointment with a nutritionist and doctor on the 20th (previously made appointment), I'm going to inform them of my plan. The 21st is prep day, and first blog day. I'll post the address and updates later.

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