Help, I got tendinitis in my right shoulder and the pain is so intense I had to go to the ER early this morning, they prescribe me pain killers and put my arm on a sling. Still in a lot of pain and worrying about the side effects of x-rays and medication. Please advise what could I take or do.



  • I use hot cold therapy for this and it brings INSTANT results whenever that happens to me.

    Here's how you go about it. You fill you tub with the hottest water you can stand (the kind of hot that you have to gone in so slowly to gradually get used to it). Make sure the affected area is immersed and in full contact with the water.

    Relax and stay as long as you can stand it, then gently stand up and rinse yourself with the coldest water you can find. Make sure you have the shower trained on the shoulder blade. Get out GENTLY, dry yourself and rest as you enjoy the miraculous results.

    Hope this helps.


  • This might not help for right now, but from someone who has had tendonitis, just stick with RAW. Back in 2006, my doctor diagnosed me with it (in my elbow) and she said I'd have it the rest of my life. I started drinking green smoothies in May 2007 and haven't had it since. Not a twinge!! As for the medication and x-rays, you'll just have to detox it out through healthy eating and living. Keep the faith in the power of RAW--I too have to cook for non-RAW family-- and at times when you feel like giving up just know that what you are doing is so right.

  • Thank you Donald I'll try it, the dr recomend it to me but i though it was a different times so I was applying hit during the day and then at night I apply ice.

  • Thank you rawfreak4fr I felt like you really know me, and I'll to follow your advise, I've been on and off raw because of my family

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    I have had tendonitis since July 06. I noticed a small improvement after becoming highly raw but now my pain is returning. (I still swim competitvely through all the pain) It jused to be just my right shoulder, now my left shoulder is worse. I feel best when I keep up with my shoulder rehabilitation exercises (designed to stabalize and even out supporting muscles); when I apply ice after exercise daily; and when I use "Zeel" homeopathic ointment (it is produced by a compny called "Heel" who is available at my local whole foods). I find that anti-inflammatory medications do NOT help and ice is the only thing that provides at least 10 minutes of relief. The homeopathic cream is designed for the temporary relief of arthritis , osteoarthritis, and joint stiffness...I use it mornings and evenings.

    Hope this helps! I know how hard it is to deal with tendonitis and I'd love to hear anyone elses thoughts and suggestions on this matter!


  • thanks rita for your input, you said you have tendonitis since July 06, do you mean thishurrible pain will stay with me for ever? I can not move my right arm, and I need to work and go back to school, please say thay I just misunderstood.....

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