raw food eating and (peri) Menopause

I pose this question to any woman (or raw food-supporting husband..lol) who is/was going through menopause and is/was eating the raw foods way, be it partial/80% or 100% raw. How has if affected, if at all, the hot flashes, mood swings, etc?

I have recently (the last three months or so) become interested in raw foods, having enjoyed green smoothies and a few varied recipes, including some awesome salads but have not yet gone full steam ahead. I've read, read, read and done some personal research on raw foods.

I've had a few hot flashes (I'm currently 38, nearly 39) over the last few years and, having asked my mum at what age she began menopause, she replied 36 (Thanks Mom!).

Has anyone found eating raw to help reduce any and/or all their menopausal symptoms?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

:) Heather


  • dovesinna,

    Yes! Maca, maca, maca powder. About a year ago I was having the worst night sweats. Some nights I woke up and had to change my shirt, and probably should have changed the sheets. Be careful with this, however, as it is powerful stuff. You can add it to smoothies or chocoate truffles.

    Good luck with the process, and another supplement for perimenopause is 5 HTP - smooths out the rough spots:)

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