Talk to me about Maca

Okay, I use e3live occasionally (a bit too pricey for me right now), I like cacao a lot (I know it's not raw) and have done some reading on maca but would love to hear all your opinions on it.

Thank you.


  • Maca humm, the benefits of it are great and I have got a friend who is going through the menopause and she say's that it really helps her. I must admit that I think it tastes awful! I used to take it in a shot of water or nut milk in the mornings as I could always taste it if I mixed it into a smoothy and it was putting me off my smoothy altogether. It tastes malty and I never like malt to start with. I would think if you like malt you will love it and reap all the benefits from it.

    I do mix a teaspoon of it into my raw choc's but that can't be tasted.

    Give it ago n see how you go.

    Kaz x

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