AB 1478 to California doctors: "Food Matters"

A bill has been introduced in the California assembly and currently in committee. AB 1478 would require a physician to discuss nutrition with patients diagnosed with non-emergency heart disease or diabetes. Failing to provide information on dietary approaches to disease is irresponsible in these cases, and patients would have to acknowledge in writing that they received this counsel.

Here is the text of the bill http://www.totalcapitol.com/?bill_id=9972

And some excellent analysis from Dr. John McDougall on heart disease and medicine (this has contact info for committee members if you are inclined to voice your support)


Sample Letter to Assembly Member

Dear Assembly Member (their name):

I am writing to ask you to vote for AB 1478. Chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes are epidemic in America and California. From my personal experience I know that while drug medication can be of value in emergency situations, drugs ultimately never cure the disease – they only suppress the symptoms of the disease. This is an expensive way to treat diseases. Our state cannot anymore afford the high cost of treating patients with drugs and surgery alone. Diet and lifestyle changes have been found to be helpful in arresting and even curing heart disease and diabetes, and is very inexpensive compared to drugs and surgery. I feel doctors should give their patients the option to be referred out for diet or nutrition therapy for their non-emergency heart disease or diabetic condition.

Thank you very much for your support for AB 1478.


Your name, address, and e-mail

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