About Sprouting

I am on the hunt to start sprouting as a big source of my food intake. I imagine it is something I can do all year around, and don't need much outdoor space. With that said, I have looked at some websites. I found a company on amazon who sells 5 lb to 35 lb containers of certified organic nitrogen packed sprout seeds, ect.

It seems they are about 14.00 to 16.00 depending on the variety. Is this the best way for sprout supplies to be packed? In nitrogen?

Also, is there a site that I should look at for organic sprouting supplies for good prices? Any help is appreciated.. I am raw less then 1 week from a sad diet. I am loving it so far!


  • I get my seeds from Mumm's, and really like the quality and the service. I'm in Canada. I don't know if that makes a difference. Their site is www.sprouting.com; choose US or Canadian store on the left. The seeds are not nitrogen packed, but I've never had a problem with longevity. I keep my small seeds like alfalfa in the fridge, but my sunflowers and peas are just in jars in my kitchen. Mumm's has free shipping if you buy a minimum amount, which is awesome since seeds are heavy! If the prices you mention are per pound, then Mumm's is quite a bit less expensive.

  • Hello and thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I was so eager I ordered 3 pounds of sprouting seeds/legumes... from another website. I don't want to say the name and sound like I am advertising them; but they had some amazing mixtures to sprout. I also bought 3 sprout jars with lids. I am very excited to get my package and get really into the sprouting. I enjoy sprouts so much.

    Thanks for the tip and I will look into that site for my next order. =D

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