can u eat to mny beets i read that onley 2 a day is good other wise it is danger and not good. i am trying to go raw lil at a time and i love beets


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I don't know, but I love 'em too. I wonder what the warning is? Is it like carrots, you'll turn orange (but there's nothing actually wrong with being orange if it's from carrots and not jaundice...)

  • I think maybe some people find them too detoxifying. If you feel sick, stop eating so many. And don't be alarmed when your pee turns pink.

  • i read it makes your thought feel like its on fire and it is hard to talk

  • i love love love beets. I probably have 3 or so a day. I have no complaints. Does anyone know what the bad news could be with them? I havent had any symptoms, maybe a little bloating, but thats a natural occurance for me when i eat tons of greens anyway.

  • i read it makes your Throat feel like its on fire and it is hard to talk

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