Coconut Milk

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I know this baby - she's adopted so she's on 1/2 formula and 1/2 breastmilk -mine. but the formula is making for not poo .... so i made her some fresh coconut milk because i know that coconut has a laxitive effect on some. i took fresh meat and water and blended. Do u think it will be safe for her she's about 6 months .....


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    According to Gabriel Cousen's, at 6 months, you can do coconut milk and it should be fine....

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    well Update on subject.

    we gave the baby some fresh coconut milk and she's been pooing and has been gassy - which to me is good because something is happening doen there.

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    Great news! Thanks for the update!

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    I like it very much and use it in my diet as much as I can.

    Tia smith

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