3 days in and I feel wierd...

3 days ago I went 100% raw vegan - straight from a terrible diet (McD's, Doritos, etc.). I have never felt this weird in my life.

The 'fog' is gone, I seem much more awake than I have been for a long time. I also feel like I have the flu (which is to be expected from what I understand). When does that go away? It's like the flu, except I have energy. I've also plugged the toilet a couple of times. Wow, never expected this at all.

My understanding is that there are various viruses and other toxins that 'hide' in our cells when they have things like refined sugar to feed on, and that when you cleanse your system like this they 'come out'. Does that make sense to anybody? Would explain alot...

Anyhow, my plan is 30 days strict, then reassess the situation. I may just stay on it, who knows. In the process I've also kicked a large caffeine intake to zero, those headaches are pretty much gone now. I'm loving this site and all the wonderful people and recipies, I must say.


  • About a month ago, I went 100% raw, and felt so bad that I had to scale back to very very low raw. I'm now back up to 66%, plus I've cut out all animal products (except honey), and have completely stopped buying grocery store crap, filled with preservatives. I haven't experienced any physical detox at this point, but I'm detoxing emotionally. I've heard detox lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a year? depending on how high you go/stay? Not totally sure if this is true.

    Its awesome that you've made a commitment for a strict 30 days.

    Good luck on your journey!

  • My only fear for you by going from a Standard American Diet directly into 100% raw instead of a transitional phase is that you will have such significant detox during the 30-day period that it scares you off from the diet altogether. That being said, if you can handle it, I congratulate you and you will off to a great start. Be sure to write down how you feel, so after the month you can accurately assess your successes and failures over the first month. Good Luck!

  • hbartlett: I forgot to add - drink lots and lots of water! and I think that exercising has really helped with my detox.

  • Well, I'm on day 8 now and feel great (today). It was a rough go for a few days, and it's harder to face more salads, but I'm sticking with it. One of the problems mentally was that we bought a whole bunch of veggies and fruits, and I was getting tired of eating the same thing every day, so now I think a trip to the store every 2 or 3 days is a better idea. I can't believe the pile of veggies and fruit I ploughed through! I can't believe how filling avacados are, never ate them before.

    @sillystarrfish - good point about the water, I wasn't drinking enough I don't think for a few days which didn't help.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Hbartlett, glad to see you're doing better. For me variety was very important in the beginning. I tried large salads, but frequently was bored with them. It's easier for me to include most of my greens in smoothies or soups. I've settled into a routine of sorts, with several standard quick dishes that I like. Good luck on your journey. Do keep us updated.

  • 2 weeks! I'm now a full 2 weeks in and feeling great, seems to get better every day. I'll admit I did have one meal that wasn't raw, although still vegan. I had this zucchini, they suck unless you cook them, so I baked it along with a few other things.

    I agree about variety. There's alot of salads, however each one is different usually. I'm really liking sprouts too. Tonight I got adventurous and made something different, a stuffed pepper with minced up onions, sunflower seeds, fresh basil, lemon juice, and a few other things. It was delicious. It turns out I also love avocados.

    I'm finding a few changes with myself, I seem more 'awake', sleep better, more energy. The weight loss has pretty well stopped which is fine in my case (lots of seeds, nuts, etc.). Is it normal for your hair to grow faster? My beard whiskers (I'm a guy btw) seem to grow alot faster, along with my nails. Weird.

    My biggest complaint really is the cost of this, especially this time of year in my area. I've got to look into cheap, filling choices. I'd heard that eggplant might be a good bet, but for some reason the store doesn't have any here. Any suggestions for cheap 'filler' food would be appreciated.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Sounds like you're doing well.

    Zucchini suck? Oh geez, try again. Zucchini makes the best "pasta" and is great in hummus (a good cheap filler food).

    Another cheapskate tip: sunflower seeds are much less expensive than cashews, macadamias, etc., and can be used instead of those in most recipes.

    I think it's tough to find ways to use raw eggplant myself, but more power to you if you have plans for it.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    hbartlett, i usually shop every 2 or 3 days because i go through tons of fruit and veggies. my main cheap staples are bananas, big packages of spinach, cantaloupes, honeydew melon, and medjool dates (very filling). i go through tons of bananas!!! and with the melons, i can eat one for breakfast and be full for about 5 hours.

    i haven't noticed a change in my hair growth though. it seems to be the same as it always has. when i first saw that your beard grows faster, i was like "uhh, i thought you were a girl?" thank god you're not haha

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