Tring to make the adjustment again

I used to be a raw vegan but fell off track due to some personal issues (divorce, new job, etc..) and unfortunately my health has suffered. I recently went to the doctor and I was horrified to learn that my triglycerides are very high and that I have gained weight. I am also having trouble with acne which is something I never had problems with before. I want to be healthy again and 30 pounds lighter!

Today I decided to go back to being a raw vegan! I was my healthiest when I was eating that way and felt good about myself. I've stocked up on plenty of fresh fruits, greens, and veggies and have hemp seed and some nuts. However, my 1 weakness is frozen pizza and stuffed jalapeno peppers. I used to eat a lot of frozen dinners and it is going to be hard to get out of that habit, especially the days when I work late. Any tips on how to avoid this kind of junk food and just overall slipping into my old eating habits?


  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Green smoothies and lots and lots of fruit. It will help you to lose the craving for salt, which I guess there is alot of in frozen dinners. Don't get hungry or you will slip. Lots of people on this site eat a ton of bananas - they help alot. Good luck!

  • You know, people emphasis green smoothies, but I had a HORRIBLE sweet tooth and it just vanished! I drank a lot of green JUICE and I know that it did the trick. I was big on pizza's and taco bell and it was really hard making it through the day without something.

    This is what I did:

    MAINLY a raw diet: ONLY letting myself cave whenever I REALLY craved something--and I'd have a very small portion of it and the rest raw.

    A LOT of juice.

    I tried to eat something raw EVERY time I was hungry--and it helped.

    Then when I was sick of eating small portions of cooked food, and noticed feeling gross after cooked foods, I decided to take it one day at a time and tell myself i"m going to eat ALL RAW.

    Just take it one day at a time and it'll be easier!

    My husband took me out to eat when I was transitioning, and he was the first to notice my appetite changed because it was ALL cooked food and I didn't want anything! It was a proud moment!

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Hey healthyme! I fell off the wagon last fall, but got back into it before New Year's. The good thing is since you've been raw vegan before you already know how good it feels, and that is great motivation to get back to that place! Good luck! :)

  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    Give yourself one day a week when you can eat the things you crave.

    When you have time, prepare lots of food that you can store in the fridge for when you work late.

    I used to make huge amounts of coleslaw to munch on. Burgers are really easy to make and very tasty (mine are made by grinding some seeds of your choice and mixing with finely chopped tomato/ red pepper/ spinach/ celery, mixed herbs and sea salt. Make into burger shapes and dehydrate for 1 - 2 hours. Eat inside Romaine lettuce leaves topped with red onion, sliced tomato and sunflower seed cheese), they can be made and stored for a few days.

    Chocolate mousse is a godsend when I'm craving something.

    Whenever I've had cravings I've found that making something with lots of different tastes in or just eating something sweet (dates, choco mousse) takes the edge off it.

    Be easy on yourself and remember that that longer you stick it out the less the cravings will become.

  • i think chatanoog is spot on about plenty of green juice. you get a ton of nutrients in your system quickly, which helps curb the cravings that would develop otherwise. i'm sort of an all or nothing type of person, and i think aiming towards all or mostly raw helps in making the adjustment. i think if your commitment is there you will stick with it once you start feeling great! green juices definately help me too though!

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