My new dehydrator...

Okay, I'm applying bragging rights here:

I have the bestest husband in the whole wide world. My birthday is coming up (May) and he bought me a GooD4U, 10 tray dehydrator off of Ebay!!! It's got 10 mesh sheets and it's SUPPOSE to have 10 non-stick sheets but only came with 2 non-sticks. So, he's emailed the dealer to let them know they skimped us on 8 free sheets! The bastards! Nah, I'm not complaining and he did word his email to them in a kindly manner...waiting to hear back from them on their error. Who knows, it might have gone overlooked on packing.

I am SOOOOOO happy. UPS delivered it today. Hubby told me three days ago he's expecting my birthday gift in the mail any day now and asked me if he should wait until next month before I could have it. He knew that would be torture for me. So, today, I heard the UPS truck pull up and I squealed, "UPS IS HERE, UPS is here!" He made me close my eyes and, as I was sitting on the couch, in full view of the front door, the UPS guy must have thought I was nuts. A grown woman, knees drawn up, eyes covered, like a kid on Christmas morning.

He had me hold out my hands and I found this suddenly heavy box across my arms. I opened my eyes and, in bold letters on the outside of the box, was GooD4U Food Dehydrator (with Timer). I cried.....and I cried, tears of joy. He KNEW how important this raw food way is to me. I won't admit that I couldn't get too many recipes right because I didn't have a dehydrator but it would have 'helped' if I had. Don't get me wrong, the Spinach lasagna is great but I'm betting it's RAWsome when the dehydrator is used to complete it.

I think he was crying too, when I was crying............then again, it might have been because I was hugging him so hard, it could have ruined his chiropractic adjustment from this morning.

God bless husbands.

Oh, being the meat eater that he is, I've promised to make him as much beef jerky as he long as he'll sample my raw food stuff. It's a two way street!

Thanks for letting me share!

:) Heather


  • sv3sv3

    Haha! It's nice to hear your story and I must confess I was almost as excited as that when mine was delivered!

    I did spinich lasagna the other week in mine and it was one of the BEST things I've ever made. So nice to have it warmed with a side of salad. Mmmm, making me drool just thinking of it!

    Anyway, happy dehydrating!

  • Thanks! I look forward to many happy endings...wait, that didn't sound

    Seriously, I'm researching like crazy and cut/posting so many recipes to my word docs so I can reference them all later for preparing.

    I'm so excited!!

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