I have Lupus, and for the past two-three years I've been treating it with diet and alternative medicine and I'm still not doing as well as I should be (hypothetically). I thought maybe I should start eating more raw stuff...but I was just wondering if maybe anyone had some encouragement who has been through/going through this too? I know that there are a lot of people who have been healed from Lupus be changing thier lifestyles/ eating habits and I guess I don't understand why I'm not improving the way I should be. I want to be well more than anything, God has put it on my heart to be a missionary (of sorts) in Africa and if I don't get well it will be difficult for me to do this. Is there anyone else with ambitions like this out there?


  • You might want to check out the website, (sorry I don't know how to make this a link for you to click on). You should also check out the Boutenko Family also known as "The Raw Food Family"

    They have information about green smoothies, that seem to make all the difference in peoples health when going raw.

    The Boutenko family had many health problems and went cold turkey raw and all of them within a short time were well and free of their diseases. Of course we know that all that we do only works because of God's blessing on it. But I believe it is so awesome that He has created many of the plants, herbs, for our healing and most of us were not even aware of all the edible green things right in our yards.

    Did you ever stop to think that God didn't mention the eating of animals until after the fall of man? When sin entered the world, all of creation was then under a curse, animals included.

    Anyway, I am new to raw, but have been looking on several raw food sites and clinics that treat disease through the raw way of eating. Started my investigation through having two friends die of cancer. When you think you are eating right, or they did, and you still die of cancer, you begin to question why. I think mainly because we are not educated about all the things God did provide in nature that are able to help heal our bodies naturally.

    Hope I didn't go on too long. I hope you find the help you need, I believe that God will guide you to help you find the right information.

    God bless you in your goals as missionary.


  • Sydstring, I think the site has loads of good advice. They have a lot of products so you have to wade through all that.

    If I stay on their diet in a strict manner, my weight is under control as is my rheumatoid arthritis and my fibromyalgia, not to mention a myriad of other ailments. It only takes about two days for my symptoms to crank back up if I do animal products.

    The only product I use is their green powder. I did use their cleanse capsules when I started out. They are recommended for three months. If I had a B12 problem, I would use theirs. I am trying to like green smoothies and if I can ever get enough of them down, I will discontinue the powder. I think RA and fibro have many of the same symptoms as lupus. Their diet includes some cooked foods daily at one meal for the weaker willed of us! Their outlook on consuming meat is that it was a one time pass after the flood until crops could be harvested again. Good luck.

  • Cherie03, The way I do my smoothies is to start out with 60% fruit to 40% greens. Rotate your greens everyday between things like kale, swiss chard, parsley, spinach, dandelion greens, etc. You probably already know this, but then I add to my greens two cups of water or so to make it a thickness I like and blend the greens first, pour into a gallon size glass sun tea jar and then blend your fruits. I always use several fruits for flavor, 3 -4 frozen bananas, helps your smoothie not to be warm, about two apples, four medjool dates, two mangos, and a couple cups of fresh pineapple. Add a couple cups of water to this as the frozen fruit needs more water. After this is mixed I pour into the gallon jar and stir up my green smoothie. If it is not sweet enough yet, add a couple drops of stevia. I then have enough smoothie for the day at home, or on the go taken in a thermos.

    As you get used to the greens you will begin to like them and you can add less fruit.

    I have found I am not having the stiffness of arthritis in my hands anymore, I have more energy, my depression has gone, and I can feel myself getting healthier. Thank God for that.

    Hope you will begin to enjoy your smoothies!

  • The Boutenko Family is behind the "Green Smoothie Revolution" and also known as "The Raw Family" has some good advice on green smoothies. They also say that the green smoothies will last for three days in the frig or if you are traveling and keep them cool in a thermos/cooler. Don't know if you have seen any of there videos on-line or looked at any of their books. Great information. Would also help any health problems.

    Just an after thought...

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie


    My mom has Lupus plus the beginning of osteoporosis and I am hoping to turn her more onto raw when she visits in August. I would love to hear your progress as to what works and what doesnt, in my opinion from what I have read and studied on healing diseases from going raw. It seems if you dont jump in 80-100 percent you dont see immediate improvement I have been looking into this for a while hoping to help my mom and others in my life who are getting diabetes cancer etc and it seems that like most things in life you have to go through the tough stuff to get the results you want. You cant expect to lose weight without giving up doughnuts and you cant heal disease without giving up all the toxins. I would reccomend reading some books by Cousens and Brian Clement look into the Hippocrates institute and other sources that have truly helped heal people of disease. Dont buy into all the supplement hype some supplements are worthwhile but a lot are a waste of money.

    Good Luck in your healing process and Namaste~

  • Thank you all so much for your advice and encouragement. Vegan2raw I will try to keep you updated on what's helping me so you can tell your mom although with me it is a little bit harder to tell because unlike a lot of people I don't notice symptom flare ups with certain things that I eat, my kidney function just decreases without a lot of warning. And I will definitely visit those sites you all gave me! Just out of curiosity, do ya'll set up your meal plans to make it easier on you as far as time for preparing meals go? I think that's what I'm going to have to start doing so I can get the stuff I need at the grocery store and be able to prepare it.

  • So far I haven't because I am new to raw and I am trying to figure out how to put all the information I am learning into everyday practical use. But, I did read a comment from someone on this site that they found they had to plan their menus for the week and then make a shopping list for the week, which makes sense. Alot of raw requires alot of planning ahead. At least thats what I am finding. I am the only one in my family who is trying to do this and so I am finding it hard to plan meals for my husband and then separate for myself.

    I will just keep on reading and learning from others. I do alot of the green smoothies through the week, so I do get enough greens and fruit for the week. You might see if there is a raw food support group at the local health food store, that is if you have one available. I have one about an hour away, if I would want to drive that far, which I am thinking might be to my benefit.

    hopefully someone else will have some good tips for us out there.

  • Ok, so I am officically jumping into this...I planned out my meals for the week and went to the grocery store and got only the things for those meals (and some pita bread and black beans...those are the only things I got that aren't raw, I just decided I won't even give myself the option of not eating raw) So we will see how this goes. I did already make some raw brownies (I wanted to start with something easy) and they were really good, it was just weird though because my tastebuds wanted them...but my stomach didn't, it didn't really make my stomach feel bad, it was just like my stomach didn't like the weird food in it and I didn't even eat very much. Anyone else have this happen starting out? I've heard that jumping into eating raw foods can upset your stomach but I thought it wouldn't be so bad for me because I already eat ovo-vegetarian (don't eat any animal products except eggs).

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