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New to raw and nursing my 2 month old : )

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I am a new mom, been vegetarian for over 10 years, and decided to add more raw to my diet. I would like to transition to 90-95% raw to give my new baby great nutrients : ) However, I might be going too fast... I ate about 50-60% raw last week, and about 80% raw this week. I have been feeling a little cranky this week, and so has my baby... and my stomach must be cleaning itself as I have never been to the bathroom so many times per day lol However, I do worry about too much detox being hurtful to my baby... Anyone with good tips/advises? I ate more cooked food today and felt a little nauseous after some pasta with alfredo and cheese... I'd appreciate any help doing it right!



  • I have sort of the same question. My son is almost 5 months now. Full-time breastfed.

    About two months ago I started on raw again. I would like to go all the way, all raw, but from my last raw experience I remember loosing a lot of weight in a short time span, 9 kilos (from 65 kilo to 56, I don't know how much in pounds..) in less than two months. That doesn't seem healthy, so I want to avoid that now, especially because I'm nursing, Anyway I've already lost 6 kilos (from 67 to 61).

    Also I wouldn't want to intoxicate my baby while detoxing. I've read about green clay, and take that sometimes. And I eat at least one cooked meal a day, usually dinner (a soup, boiled rice or potatoes) with a large salad.

    I think that it's better to take it slowly. No hurry. Although I would like to live perfectly straight away (and have the wonderful, clear spirit , the vitality and the radiating appearance that go with it (-: ) I try to be careful for my baby and my body that has done (and is doing) such a great job being pregnant, giving birth, and now nursing...

    Anyway, I wonder if anyone has experience with this issue.

    Also I wonder when I should start feeding my son solids. The regular advice is 6 months, but we both enjoy the nursing so much and he is doing so well on it that I would really like to postpone his eating of solids. Or should I start another topic on this subject?

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    in alot of ways i agree with Jinjee in that she says she believe the body is smart enough not to dump "waste" into your breastmilk.

    now i know they've tested BM and have found toxins in it however when it comes to detoxing - as stated above :)

    But all in all keep watch of your baby and your milk supply.

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    Hey Cici, what I have read about transitioning to raw is that you should do it slow enough so that your detox symptoms aren't too harsh. I would assume that while you are breast feeding, you could slowly increase your amount of raw until you feel signs of detox and just continue slowly increasing like that. If you feel you are detoxing too much, I have read that it is good to eat something like steamed vegetables or whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.

    Good luck, hope everything goes well for you and your new baby!

  • Thanks Erin, that is good advise : )

    Rosa, infant do not actually need solids until they are 1 yo from what I understand. You can easily wait until 8-9 months to feed him solids, your breast milk is his main food supply : )

    6 months is the recommended minimum age to start solids : )

    Good luck! Enjoy your nursing time : )


  • I would recommend transitioning very slowly in order to avoid the risk of detoxing into your baby through breast milk. I would recommend checking out Natalia Rose's The Raw Food Detox Diet -- she has a section towards the end of her book that's devoted solely to diet and transitioning in pre-, during and post-pregnancy. Also, if you check out beamgreen.com, there are some videos that you can watch in which Natalia Rose talks about all this stuff as well. There really is no need to push yourself too hard, too fast, because it can be quite detrimental. What I like so much about Natalia Rose is that she stresses cleansing INTELLIGENTLY and shows you how to do it.

  • J AJ A

    Nurse as long as you and the baby want to. Babies will show when they want to eat and this varies a lot! I think, based on a lot of reading and experience from 2 own children, that the best is to eat when you feel like eating and let your baby have whatever he wants to try. No need to prepare special meals for babies, if you want to make it more digestible the best and most natural thing to do is to chew it yourself, then give to your child. Apes do this all the time and we did it, too, before we became "civilized".

    Children naturally nurse for 3-5 years and some even longer. They have this amazing inner knowledge that will guide them, they have a direct connection with their heart and body telling them exactly what they need. Trust them and your heart! Happy nursing! :-D

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