Can brown sugar be part of a raw diet?


  • Not the brown sugar you buy at the big markets, but I dont see a problem with turbinado...although i would recommend honey, agave, or yacon syrup instead...even stevia is better.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Brown sugar has been cooked. It's 90%+ white sugar, with a little of the molasses added back into the mix. However, I've heard some brands of evaporated cane juice are considered raw.

    Does anyone know of any brands out there that are raw?

  • A gentle note: isn't one of the biggest points of going raw to eat whole foods . . . fresh foods that haven't been tampered with, refined, or altered? Sugar (white or brown) has been shown to have so many detrimental effects on the body that it's something that really should be approached cautiously. It's so ubiquitous in America (added to nearly everything) that many of the people I know on the SAD show symptoms of hypoglycemia, but just assume it's normal because it's common.

    Sugar is highly addictive . . . I've found that if I need sweetening for my food (which I do, as I'm just beginning), it's far safer to use something like Stevia (which, while extracted or powdered, has plenty of beneficial effects on the body, including balancing blood sugar).

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    i totally agree with annalea- for sweetening anything i use stevia, bananas, raisins or dates. turbinado sugar isnt raw. if you want a closer sugar taste, dry some dates and grind them up- that will give you a raw date sugar.

  • IMO, refined sugar should be eliminated from ANY diet as far as I am concerned. When SAD eaters ask me about losing weight or just making a step toward improving their diet, eliminating white/refined sugar is one the first things I always suggest.

    It would definitely hinder any detox, weight loss, and/or energy effects you would be striving for on a raw diet. Plus, its not raw.

  • Yes, it's your choice whether you want to make brown sugar a part of your raw diet or not. If you are 100% raw, this would not be raw and would not be a part of your diet. But you don't have to be 100% to be a raw foodist.

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