Cat scan of head and neck with and without contrast

I am scheduled to have this done in the morning. I am starting to get worried because I have been reading about serious side effects from the contrast like allergic reactions. Also, the radiation cat scan equals like 750 xrays and I have to have it of my head and neck. I have had a cat scan of my head several years back and one of my heart a few years ago. I am really worried about the radiation, but I also feel that I need this test because they need to look at the blood vessels of my head and neck to make sure I am not having some type of tias..any input would be greatly appreciated!!


  • If you are having TiA symptoms then you should have TIA evaluation... It would be so much better if you had said or your profile showed your age and sex and symptoms to be able to better respond... Minimal information receives minimal responses... Sorry... But wishing you the best of health!!! Here's a site for you to check out... smile

  • A CT scan is indeed a series of two-dimensional x-rays computerized to create a detailed image. It sounds as if it would provide invaluable diagnostic information for you. So do have it, and focus on making yourself better. Better to get it right this time than to try treatments without knowing all the information, for instance!

    I've had, I believe, four or five CT scans in my life. Never worried about them. We expose ourselves to tiny, tiny risks (and toxins and radiation) all the time -- by eating, drinking, flying in airplanes (also a source of minor radiation, actually), breathing city air. In this case, I truly wouldn't worry about the effect of a single scan.

    (You're probably doing greater damage to yourself from worrying about it and thus releasing cortisol and other stress hormones ... ::grin::)

    (Background and extra note: I am very close to a radiologist with whom I've spoken about CT scans in the past, when I had them. The **only** risk involved in a single CT scan is if you are allergic to the contrast they inject -- a very very rare risk, but it happens.)

  • thank you both for your thoughts, and waterbaby thanks for the link..lots of important information on that site!!

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