too skinny

Hi everyone

I've been 100% raw since the beginning of September last year.

And my weight has kept dropping, pound after pound, and I'm not happy about it because i was already a bit too thin before that. I now weigh 42 kg (1m68 tall) that's not healthy !!

But I can't find a way of putting the wieght back on. It seems I already have TONS of fat, which I include in every meal (coconut butter, olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocadoes, olives etc), it actually makes up more than half of what I eat !

I also make my own raw tahini, and sprout chick peas (and sometimes lentils or mung beans) to prepare hummus, I have it at least twice a week, in huge amounts !

On top of it, I sprout buckwheat and have it almost every morning for breakfast, bleneded with 3 bananas, linseeds and raw cacao.

Also, I include Maca, Purple Corn, Mesquite everywhere.

And I have a green smoothie (greens + fruits) every day.

My pattern is 3 big meals a day, i just can't find space in my tummy for snacks !! And usually, those meals leave me feeling wuite heavy, it's a bit uncomfortable, a lot of food, a lot of fats to digest... But i can't afford loosing more weight, right ?

I don't take any enzymes or supplements, apart from 1g AFA diluted in water when I wake up in the morning.

Could anyone help me with that ??

Thank you all so much



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