EXTREME dryness in nose and throat area sort of hard to explain need help!

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Has anyone else had this? I used to only get this in the winter, but now its all the time. I used to get severe nose bleeds a lot from dryness so my doctor subscribed some steroid nasal spray, it was expensive, stung like hell (because of the dryness) and didn't help. So this year I have been using the salt water nasal spray from costco and it helps a lot but lately its not really doing it. I don't have nosebleeds if I do it once a day. The place I have the sore dry skin is like if you were to go straight back in your throat and up, up, up. Like the spot where you feel water, mucus etc. drip down from the nose area going to your throat. Anyway this is extremely painful and I really need relief. I also have dry hands and skin ALL over my body. I eat plenty of fats and apply plenty of lotion. I do have a neti pot and that DOES NOT HELP THE DRYNESS. Thank you everybody!


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    Sorry, this sounds awful! I sometimes feel this way when I experience allergies, though probably to a lesser degree. It would probably pay to avoid any foods or anything else you suspect you might be allergic to. Avoiding inflammatory foods (like chocolate, sadly) might help. Drinking water with a little bit of cayenne pepper is actually great for a sore throat. Do you think you consume a good water/sodium balance? You might want to look into the "water cure"--basically drink (at least) 2 quarts of water a day, and add 1/2 teaspoon of high-quality salt to your diet.

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    I recently got a saline nose spray, and I find that when it drips down the back of my throat, it feels really parched and dry. Maybe the nasal spray you're using is exacerbating the problem? Natural food stores often have a selection of nasal sprays.

    Also, though I haven't done this lately, I used to suck on Zand's Menthol Herbalozenges. This has really helped me when my throat was so dry and painful I had trouble swallowing (like when I had mono). They're not raw, of course, but they are all natural and vegan.

    Sorry no one else had suggestions; I hope this is getting better for you!

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