Okay i really need some help here and im willing to take anyones advice! I have had bronchitis for almost 5 weeks now and it will nottt go away. It first started out when I was on vacation for 8 days and I couldn't get to any healthy food. Once I got home I immediately started eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds but I was still sick. My sickeness has become so bad that I couldn't eat for almost 4 days and that was during the fourth week of all of this. Sadly I had to resort to antibiotics twice now and then only sent me to the hospital. Ive had exrays done and its nothing more than a resporitory infection and actue bronchitis now, but i still cant eat much and i have so much phlemgh and ratteling in my lungs that i feel like im going to suffacate. : ( DOes anyone know of any remedies that could help me I dont want to stay on bed rest for months praying it will go away so anyones advice would be of great help! Thanks guys!


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  • thank you so much!

  • Hey, I had this same problem earlier this year. The doctors wanted to give me some inhalers and anti-biotics but I didn't have the cash to pay for t hem, plus who wants that stuff in their body? What worked for me is an Osha mushroom. I was lucky enough to have a friend wildcraft one a few days before I told him about my problem. I boiled the mushroom for about 15 minutes and made an earthy tea. My bronchitis was better the next day, and completely gone in two. You can buy osha mushrooms at some health food stores and online. Good luck and feel better!

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