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:( Not losing weight

Hi all

I've been 100 percent raw for 5 days and I haven't lost a pound. I'm really surprised -- I expected at least to lose some water weight due to the lack of salt, all the water I'm drinking, no caffeine, etc. I am eating raw nuts and seeds but really not that much for the first week; lots of fruit, goji berries...I dunno. I definitely have weight to lose and I'm definitely experiencing withdrawal...what do you all think?


  • I know that when I went raw for the first time last summer, it took about 6-8 days before I noticed a weight reduction. That is how my body is, whatever I do today, I will feel in about 7 days. Good or bad. Just hang in there, don't let the scale determine how your day is going to be. Better yet, get rid of it for a few weeks. The best way I have found to eat is lots of fruit/juice in the a.m. and salads in the p.m. (hearty salads!) I also practice proper food combining if I want to lose weight. Lastly, go for at least a brisk walk everyday! If you are constipated, eat lots of greens, and look into doing at least a home enema, if not a series of colonics. You will start to see the weight come off! Good luck!

  • I lost a lot of weight quickly on the raw food diet (now at 27 pounds after 6 weeks), but certainly everyone's experience is different. I would recommend two things for you, 1) increase your green leafy vegetable intake, and 2) cut down or eliminate the nuts until you start losing weight. Get your fats from avocados, raw olives and pumpkin seeds, which are prevalent with lipase, the fat splitting enzyme. Nuts can definitely hamper any weight loss plans.

  • I know, about the nuts. The first few days I was really hungry though. I haven't been eating enough raw greens either. Olives....I sure miss those but the last time I tried to be raw I was advised that I couldn't eat regular olives from the store :(. The stuff on natural zing looks really expensive. Any other suggestions?

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    dry fruit is calorie dense. try a water fast followed by a low-fat raw vegan diet where 96-98% of your calories are from fruit and the other 2-4% calories are from greens and veggies. you'll loose all the excess weight. also exercise vigorously everyday for atleast 30 min. a combination of jogging and sprinting on an empty stomach burns a lot of fat.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Hey just some encouragement! It took me two weeks to start losing weight. I hope you feel better than you did before at least! I slept better when I started raw and I definitely had alot of energy. However, I had terrible cravings for those first three weeks but if you can fight through it you'll lose weight AND kick the cravings!

  • Yeah, Kelly, I bought some goji berries and some dates but my body just doesn't want em. The first few days I was craving fat and salt and celery, but not dried fruit. I really expected to be thrilled with how many dates I could eat but I've been happier with watermelon and canteloupe and pineapple.

    I'm not sure if I could do a water fast unless I slept through it. Would this work if I didn't do one?

    Thanks TJaB :). I was a little dejected today but I went through such misery the first few days I guess I'll hang on a little longer.

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    sleeping through a water fast is the healthiest thing you can do. you should rest atleast 50% of the time while you're fasting if not more. there's some good reading about that. any fasting book by herbert shelton is great.

    dates are so good but unless you're getting them fresh you should only eat them on occasion. it sounds like you're craving a lot of juicy watery fruit so i would listen to that.

    if the water fast is not an option you could monomeal on one kind of fruit for a period of time. like eating just watermelon everyday for an extended period of time or eating just ripe bananas or anything like that. there's a great website for that info called 30bananasaday.com they call mono-mealing on one type of fruit for an extended period of time "staying on _____island" the most popular being banana island. people do it anywhere from a day to 30 days and they always see/feel results.

  • :) Thanks!

    I've read some great things about water fasts. I read this story once online somewhere about this woman who lived to be a thousand years old or something because whenever she got sick she would drink only water and lie in bed. She said she'd feel her illnesses coming on and just shut down til she felt better.

    I'll go check out that site, thanks for your advice.

  • edited November 2015

    Eat a high protein rich diet 3-4 times a day in small quantity and after regular intervals. Along with this one should have a good workout schedule to lose weight. One should not use the products available over counter to get desired results as it can have a lot of side effects on your body.


  • Are you eliminating? With out an elimination for every meal you consume, even if you are experiencing symptoms of detox, it is not a detox without elimination. The stuff you awaken only reabsorbs into the cells. If you arent try eating quick exit foods. And increase your greens, and lower your fruits. Your cells will not detox as well with fruits because fruits with the exception of grapefruit and granny smith apples still feed the yeast that is in your cells.

    It also does take longer for different people, so dont get discouraged. And even though you can eat avocados and nuts try to limit them as much as possible! Good Luck

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Make small changes, stick with them, be patient, weigh yourself no more than once a month. If you keep asking for new advice and changing your diet every other day you will never learn what works. If something does work you might not even notice.

    How's your mind? Since I lost all my weight I have discovered that I can gain 15-25 pounds in 24-72 hours just by allowing in some of my old thinking. This can happen even while juice fasting and it has. There is nothing physically wrong with you, nothing that makes you different. You are potentially just as healthy as anyone you have ever met. I think that Fat people are the lucky ones. At least our level of health was/is obvious. Skinny people drop dead every day from the same things killing the fatties.

    I'm happy to help if you continue to struggle, yet we'll have to get into a bit more detail than forum posts allow easily. You are welcome to write me if you'd like.



  • This may sound strange- but do you need to lose much weight? If you are quite a bit over weight, it seems the pounds drop off faster. If your just wanting to trim off 10 to 20 pounds, I think it may take a bit longer since your already pretty close .

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