Hi there, im new to all this, certainly not 100% raw, dont intend to ever be that high-raw but have cut out wheat and sugar and most dairy tho am partial to yoghurt.....mainly for the protein and live bacteria. trying to eat all raw veg tho hard right now as am on holiday with my mum who just doesnt get it and isnt helping! Makes life hard when eating out!

I did some internet research and was veryinspired by Kate magic. Went to one of her workshops last week and was both inspired and overwhelmed! I bought raw magic and raw living. Cant wait to slowly change my shopping and eating habbits, but emphasise 'slowly'. I believe it takes time and am overwhelmed by all the super-foods. I am on a low income and live in a shared ouse so all the equipment and expensive powders and supplements are a bit scary.

The first thing i got obsessed with is raw deerts and cakes and chocolates. I have made a raw chocolate tart a few times and LOVE IT! Kind of made the recipe up!

Love carob and raw cacao nibs and agave......Yet to try lacuma and macca. Want to get some greens powder...any advice?

At the moment an average day for me is:

Soya lecithin tablets

multi vit and mineral tablet

Kelp tablet

hemp seed oil capsule

half grapefruit

either yoghurt with dates and seeds or banana/carob/goji smoothie or more fruit and some nuts

Some raw chocolate mid morning (i like 'conscious chocolate' best), (made in south east of england)

Lunch would be half a grapefruit, some quinoa and veg and sprouts and seeweed or miso soup and seweed

some nuts or seeds or raw choc in afternoon

dinner would be vegetable curry or salad with avocado, lentils or tofu. something sweet..berries or dried fruit

am going to start making all my old favourites but raw, like curry etc- Kate Wood has some exciting looking recipes.

Mainly it is the cost that worries me. What superfoods are really worth it? I realise the expensive things like lacuma, cacao and coconut oil are luxuries but i NEED them as i have a very sweet tooth!

I suffer from bloating alot, still trying to tackle this. Also, i always eat breakfast as i often go to the gym in th emorning do need fuel, but think i should try just a juice for breakfast?

Also, have just bought some crystals to put in my water filter, Kate Wood kind of scared me about bottled and tap water! She drinks 3 litres a day! Must up my intake!

Thanks for reading!



  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Try a green smoothie for breakfast so you get the fiber (fuel) along with the vitamins.

    Superfoods/supplements - I think a good green mineral powder with spirulina, like Vitamineral Green, or E3 Live, is a good thing to have.

    Check around online for the best prices on things like cacao, maca, agave, coconut oil. Things that are expensive in retail stores can be much more affordable online.

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