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Simple Food Processor Recipes

Hello :)

My mom just bought me a black and decker food processor. Im curious as to some simple recipes that i can make.

I would love to hear yours.



  • Literally right before reading this I just had made banana choco-mint ice cream. I took about 2 heaping cups of sliced frozen bananas, 1 unfrozen banana, a generous drizzle of agave, a spoonful of cacao butter, a spoonful of coconut butter, and 2 pinches of finely chopped mint. I blend that up really really well using a bit of water to get it going. Then I put in about a handful and a half of cacao nibs and blend just enough to incorporate it well. Instant homemade ice cream:]

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    paige that sounds super yummy!

    where do yu get cacao butter, i dont think that ive seen any for sale around here...

  • The brand, Artisana, makes a really good one, but is probably only at health food stores.

    I also found it here:


    but it can easily be substituted with more cacao or cocoa powder

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Soup! Soups are easy.

    I know you can search for recipes by the required equipment, and I know you can search for the tag easy, but I couldn't do both. (The site is built differently than it used to be.)

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    paige4, I am confused...so when you mentioned using "cacao butter" in your ice cream you meant the product at that link (the "Cacao Bliss Coconut Butter")? I thought you were referring to ...well... cacao butter, as in this:


  • yes, I think she means the Artisana coconut butter with cacao in it to get the "choco" chocolate flavor in the choco-mint ice cream as opposed to actual cacao butter.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    Summer Celery Salad:

    6 stalks celery

    5 radishes

    handful of parsley/cilantro

    1/4 sunflower seeds

    1/4 apple

    juice of half of a lemon

    2-5 basil leaves

    sea salt to taste

    drizzle of olive oil (optional)

    rough chop veg, throw into food processor and pulse chop everything to small pieces (small as you can get before it gets pate like) Sprinkle with another T of sunflower seeds. Stuff the salad into an heirloom tomato, avocado half or bell pepper. Pretty darn good as a salad topper too...

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I made a creamy tomato sauce today that I really enjoyed. I used 3 roma tomatoes (really nice ripe ones.), a couple of dates, a T of sunflower seeds, a little fresh basil, salt and a dash of cayenne pepper. I added just enough water to get it moving, however, in the FP, you probably won't need it, depending on how juicy the tomatoes are. I blended it until it was perfectly smooth. i had it over sliced mushrooms and zuccini. I added a little nutritional yeast on top. I also like this on cauliflower florets. Simple and tasty.

    Here's another I like:


    And one more:


    I use my food processor alot. You can go to recipes and sort by author and I am on pages 32, 33 & 34. Lots of mine use it. You can use it in place of a blender too.

  • I use my food processor almost every single day! My favorite easy ones are gazpacho, raw brownies, and raw ranch dressing. I also once made a really great cashew "chicken salad" all of my recipes are available on rawfoodpunk.com! Come check it out, try some recipes, let me know how it goes!

  • You can do an advanced search for recipes that require the food processor.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    thanks pirawna!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Suasoria -- I meant to respond to your search dilemma much earlier. Sorry I'm not more timely with this reply. A search with multiple "limiters" (can't think of the correct term, but I hope you know what I mean) isn't too complicated, once you get the hang of it.

    Using the Advanced Search feature:

    1. Enter "soup" under Containing any of the words.

    2. Then select "food processor" and "easy" from the "category(s)" drop down menu. To select more than one category hold down the Control key and click on as many categories as you want to include.

    3. Click the "recipe" checkbox, and click "advanced search". This yields 8 pages of recipes.

    4. Now you can start narrowing the selection by ingredients. You can keep adding more "limiters" and refining your initial search. Just leave whatever is now in the "keywords" field and start adding terms in the remaining fields.

    Hope this helps. If it's "clear as mud," as my grandmother used to say, let me know and I'll try to clarify. Or maybe someone else with search experience can explain it better that I. Anyway . . . have fun searching. I've really enjoyed looking for recipes and forum topics. But it did take a little practice.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread. Back to the topic at hand . . .

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