NEED ANSWER NOW! Is my mango bad?!?

valgal123valgal123 Raw Newbie

I just cut open a mango and it has brown and black threads running through it. I usually just throw them out when they get like that, but i would prefer not to. Its like the fibers have turned. Is it safe to eat?


  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I've seen that on avocados, but never on a mango. I don't eat the avocados like that, but can't say that it's actually bad for you. Sorry, I don't know- but this post will bump it to the front page, so more will see it- hopefully you will get an answer.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    this has definitely happened to me before!!! i stopped buying mangoes at the grocery store because the flesh is always brown and smelly. i used to cut around the brown parts because i thought they were moldy, but now i don't even waste the money. i think if you put it in a smoothie, it wouldn't be noticeable, but just eating it plain, it will taste "off."

  • Yeah, I've eaten a lot of mangoes like that... I try to pull or cut any really big dark threads out, but I don't think it's dangerous to eat them- I've never got sick from them, and they taste OK to me.

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