I broke my juice fast and regret it

CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

I was on day three, and I broke my juice fast with a little buckwheat bread and nut butter. I realized then that I still had no appetite for food. Can I jump back in, or is it over? Would it be best to eat or to continue juicing for a few days?


  • I have learned that the all or nothing mentality does not work for me. I have definately "cheated" a few times on juice and green smoothie feasts in the past. What works for me is to consider it a " high juice" day and get right back on the horse so to speak. Infact, nibbling a couple of bites helped me with the detox symptoms during the first week ( and during the third week too ). I lost weight, I was still detoxing ( wicked coated tongue ) and at the end of the feast I sparkled! Of course there are some "hard core" feasters/fasters" who would poo-poo my method, but it's what worked for me. There was a time that I was very rigid about fasts, but would always break it and not reach my goal of cleansing or weight loss. Don't feel guilty for nibbling, just have another beautiful juice and move forward . Good Luck and happy juicing :).

  • I personally dont think you should focus 100% on that one weakness. So you had a piece of bread- if you realise now that you still want to move forward with your jucing, then go for it. Try not to focus on the all or nothing attitude, it is more likely that you will succeed long term if you dont ruin the rest of the day because of one slip up, and just jump right back on the wagon and continue your fast!

    Good luck to you on your fasting journey.

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