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Very Random Questions...

Firstly..I have heard that Celery juice makes a man's scent more attractive to women.. Is there anything that does that in women? Just curious.

Secondly.. Anyone have any ideas of what to do in Summer in Atlanta, Georgia?


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    haha, those are hilarious questions. I didn't know that about celery juice and I wish I knew what made women more attractive! I'd so use.

    I've only been to Atlanta a few times but have never left the airport. Sorry to be no help!

  • Confidence might "make" you more attractive (not necessarily to the opposite sex but all sexes).

  • What to do in the summer in Atlanta? Wow! I love this place there is always something happening all the time. What are you looking to do? Check out this website: http://www.atlanta.net/Visitors/calendarevents.html I think they list just about everything there is to do in Atlanta.

    There are two Caribbean festivals as well as an Arts Festival in Decatur Memorial Day weekend. Those are my top picks coming up.

    Can't help with the celery thing.

  • I have read that men were attracted to the scents of vanilla and cinnamon, but it was referring to applying it to your skin.

  • My experience has been that if you're vegan, the better you'll smell/taste, and raw food is even better (assuming you shower/cleanse). :p

  • :P hehe Yeah. licorice, bread smells, vanilla, and such are outwardly attractive. I just wondered about the science of it inwardly. When carrying male children i've heard it is common for them to crave, salty, mineraly, foods (like celery, but probably NOT celery for the SAD types)...It made me wonder about the connection to health and whys..it does seem like sweet smells are more drawing, but what about the instinctual draw? Just the smell of health, or can a particular thing add to it? :) anyway!

    So far I was reading some old posts, and found that there is "life grocery" in Marietta, as well as the Gone with the Wind museum, and in Atlanta; historical museums as well, and some vintage stores... I haven't heard any good recommendations for tea shops :( yet, but I am pretty open to anything else interesting (I'm rather dull though, so what I find interesting may not be! Rather grave & englishy person that I am) and will check out the site that duwan left!

    Thank you for each answer. I liked them all. :)

    The things I am liking so far, I don't think my traveling partners will be amused with..Symphony, opera, museums, Raw food, tea...BUT I will run the ideas by them. They haven't really said the specific things that are wanting to do there either, so perhaps the ideas will press them. :)

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I don't know if this suits your grave English nature, but Atlanta is home to some great social justice institutions such as the Carter Center and Library and the King Center honoring Martin Luther King Jr.



    These would be the first two things on my list if/when I go to "Hotlanta."

  • I live right on the outskirts of Atlanta. They have awesome concerts, bookstores, health stores, yoga and dance places, shopping, festivals, and even a raw food restaurant.


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