Vita-mix for grains/flours/etc?

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I am pretty sure I want to go ahead and buy a Vita-mix 5200, but am unsure if I should get the basic model or the Super. It says on the website that the Super 5200 comes with a dry container for grains...does this mean that you can't just do grains in the wet container with the basic model? Is there any difference in terms of the motor or whatever? I'd like to be able to grind grains, but am unsure if the Super is really necessary, and it does cost 100 dollars more. Also, does the basic model do fine for nut butters?

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  • Jeffery,

    I bought the 5200 Super in march, I have to say that I have tried both the wet and dry containers and the dry one does do a better job at grinding DRY grains because of the way the blades are desgined. I don't have a all raw family so I like to have both containers. My husband makes bread with the dry container and I use it to mill flax seeds, dried herbs and other such things from the garden. if you will only use your vita-mix for wet items I would only get the regular so you don't pay for what you will not use.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    The additional $100 is for the dry blade container. All of the containers fit on the same motor. I prefer the dry blade container for making flour, etc. Because of the way the blade is positioned, you can get a very fine flour. You could purchase the regular VitaMix (without the dry blade container) and try the wet blade. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can order the dry container later.

  • Gimmick. see my videos on youtube under the account '3blenders'. The wet blade blends equally well. There are slight differences. in my opinion, these differences are not worth an extra 100$. For 130$ you can buy a really good wheat mill that does a much better job.

    And using the dry blade container for dough mixing.... you got to be kidding. That sticky ordeal around the blades... its faster and easier to just knit the dough by hand on my counter-top.



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