I usually go 100% raw in the spring/summer since I find it so much easier. I'm a vegan but eat cooked foods the rest of the year. So about 3 weeks ago I went back to 100% raw, and have stayed away from nuts and seeds pretty much, just eating juice of and fruits and veg. No fancy receipes. This is different from what I've done in the past and in the past haven't ever felt many detox symptoms. So this past Friday night started with a horrible stomach ache which lead to vast quantities of diarhea all night and the following day. Saturday was a spliting headache, exhaustion, nausea, incredible thirst plus head ache and terrible sinus pain. I did eat some steamed veggies because I couldn't take it anymore if this is actually what detox is??? Sunday-today I'm feeling better except dizzy and tired but a strange very metalic taste has appeared in my mouth that won't go away.

I've done everything I could find that was suggested, drank a ton of water, dry brushing, epsom salt baths.

I'm just curious as to what is going on and what to expect and why I might be detoxing so heavily this time and never having done it before even after being raw for several months. Thanks!

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