Hair Removal Question

Is hair removal damaging to the skin?

Do you wax / thread / shave your legs / armpits / bikini / upper lip / eyebrows?



  • Depends on what you use.

    *Waxing takes a layer of your skin and let's be honest it hurts a lot!

    *Thread is best for eyebrows and upper lip.

    *Shave is the safest and painless, but you cold be irritated and the hair comes out like thorns.

    I personally used to wax my bikini, but I got my lasered with a laser treatment, costly but sooo worth it!!. For the rest of my body (legs, pits, etc) I use an EMJOI OPTIMA hair remover. This device plucks the hair at high speed, you almost don't feel anything... and you will be hair free for weeks. Here's the link:

    FYI I'm a certified Esthetician/makeup artist :)

  • I used to wax my legs but I had too many ingrown hairs so now I just shave. I shave my bikini area and still wax my underarm hair every so often and, I know it sounds weird, but I pluck in between waxings.

    I've had electrolysis on my belly button area - it really works but takes FOREVER and HURTS (it's taken about two years of doing my belly area to get happy results... ugh).

    MISHIMOO: I would love to get laser but I'm really torn on if it'll be a waste of money or not. My bikini hair is dark but my underarm hair is a bit lighter and sparser and my leg hair is lighter as well... Any tips??

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