Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone:

I was admiring the recipes listed here. However, I need recipes without bananas in them. Raw Banana...hmmm....I am allergic to raw banana. Too high in Phosphorus for me, makes my palms sweat, and makes me sleepy. Its great to use when you need to sleep, but not for all times. The only way I can use Banana is in a cooked form. Muffins, cakes, the like.

I have a raspberry bush in my backyard. A migrant from my neighbours yard, as it didn't like the location they planted them in, and thought, I wonder if there is more sunshine next door, and I have had them ever since. I feed them a 5-10-10 ratio of fertilizer. Keeping the nitrogen low causes the berries to be very big and numerous. I dress the earth in the fall and the spring. I remove the dead canes in the spring. So, I have batches of berries I have to use up, and the recipes here will be great..I got a reference from a guy on www.recipezaar.com.

I have a bread-machine; and a Kitchen-Aid Mixer, a dehydrator, and a juicer. So, I can be doing the recipes here, no problem. I also work at a Walmart Supercentre, in Woodbridge, Ontario. So, the varieties of fresh product is no problem for me.

I hope to have many recipes from this site, and contribute some of my own.


  • Welcome Evelyn! Although i have no receipes to offer to you, since right now i tend to eat more simply, mostly greens, fruit, smooties and fresh juice, im sure well be able to help you out!

    I have some great recipes at home from different authors, and i go through my books religiously, so if i see one with out banana (and im sure there are plenty) i will def. post it for you!

    Again, welcome Evelyn!

  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    Hi Evelyn - I'm pretty new to the site, too. Hope you find it as useful as I have so far. By the way - I'm envious of your raspberry bush! We recently purchased some from the grocery and they were wonderful; I can only imagine how good they must be freshly picked. I do have a blueberry bush, though. My 4 year old is as anxious as I am to get into those! A few more weeks still...

    Nice to meet you!

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