Calling cow's fat "renewable" fuel

ConocoPhillips and Tyson foods are combining to make a ‘renewable’ biodiesel that is part cow fat/tallow. They will even be receiving subsidies for this.

when I think ‘renewable’ fuel subsidy, I think plug in hybrid from solar power. not factory farmed animals used as fuel. (and I’m not even vegan.)

Here’s the article— Fuel Rules Soak Soap maker


  • gross! but not suprising. a long long time ago when i was a college student and an animal science major to boot, one fav way of “innoculating” and fattening food animals was to turn them into cannables. if something died at the school farm it was rendered and added to the ration of other animals the reasoning being that an antibody had been built up in the deceased animals blood stream!! narsty huh? and even that didnt make me a vegitarian! just changed my major after two years! ugh. no meat now though better late than never! guess ill have to give up soap too!;)

  • So did that antibody theory work? I guess that was before mad cow. (not to mention the indignity of turning a cow into a cannibal.) It reminds me of that scene in Dances with Wolves where Kevin Costner and the Indians come across that herd of slaughtered buffaloes.

    Native americans certainly weren’t vegans but yet they seemed to have much more respect for the dignity of animals.

    A lot of soaps are just coconut, palm, and olive oil. Like simmons naturals Why what does your soap label say?

  • im actually using a olive oil based soap right now but its not really cutting it for stings a bit…. thinking of going back to my goat milk soap made by a friend…its less drying, no skin reactions but animal based… as for if the canabalism helped with immunity, seems like things got sick and died on the farm all the time….no one seemed to think it was unusual, they where all farm kids though, i was the odd city gal, and not used to so much death.

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