Help with Coconuts

Twice now I've cracked open a mature (?? - brown, "typical" from the grocery) coconut intending to drink the water, only to find a slightly slimey layer on the meat and long-slimy-style floaties in the water. Is this normal or is the coconut past it's peak? There's no bad smell, but I can't suck down the floaties with my mind telling me they're going to make me sick!


  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I am not sure, unfortunately. I have heard that mature coconut water is supposedly bitter compared to water from a young coconut. I have only opened one recently (as an adult. We played with them when we were kids, but I don't remember much about taste, & textures of them.), and mine was unpleasant as well.

    I did find this site, not sure if it helps your situation any:

  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    Thanks pixx - I appreciate the link. Although it didn't mention the slimey particulates, I feel better b/c there's no mold between the meat and shell of my coconut. :)

  • I have given up on the mature coconuts. I have only had one that had sweet water and meat. The others have been tough and rancid and I took them back to the stores for refunds. I get the young Thai coconuts now. The water is so amazing. The meat took a while to get use ti though. My local Dillons/Kroger and Wal-mart carry them. If the water is not sweet and tastes kind of bitter then don't drink it. It might be on the verge of being rancid.

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