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this is an amazing site. very informative! it addresses any questions one might have about a raw lifestyle. these people know what they are talking about. they aren't trying to sell you anything. they aren't recommending that you go buy this supplement, or that product, or go see this doctor. they are giving you information and that's it! no misinformation or greedy, money hungry authors here:



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    Thanks for sharing this awesome information!! I just glanced over the site, but am intrigued to read more. For anyone else who might be interested, here is a small description

    about the site (quoting the rawfoodexplained)....

    "The materials on this website are based on the Philosophy, Principles and Practices of Natural Hygiene and were originally published as a course consisting of 106 lessons called "The Life Science Health System" by T.C. Fry."

    Once again, Thank You .kelly.!!! :)

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    you're welcome :)

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