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I started the raw food diet about a month ago. I am not 100 percent raw but I am working at it. I gave up hard alcohol but I can't give up beer. It give me no negatives when I drink it, only positives. It is the only thing I well not cut out. Do any of you still drink alcohol on a raw food diet? And how does it make you feel?


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I'm raw and on occasion I drink alcohol. Not as often as I did when I ate cooked food. It affects me alot more, even beer but I'd say if you enjoy beer than have it! Just know that it will slow your health progress down and who knows, maybe in time you'll drink less and less. I will say, drink in moderation because a hangover while raw is a hundred times worse.

  • Yea I drink sometimes too, mostly just red wine. But I have found that I drink way less the longer I go raw and I also don't really want to drink anymore...But do what makes you feel good. I personally get all gassy and bloated and gross when I drink beer, but if you don't get that, go for it!

  • Thanks Troubles- I havent had a drink since transitioning, but I know when I go up to NY for a week to visit family/friends I will surely have a drink or two. Glad to know hangovers are WORSE, since i certainly didnt care for them before!! haha

  • I've only been raw for a few months and I've noticed how even the slightest things affect me. My husband made mussels last night and after taking a sip of its broth, I felt bloated and super dehydrated! I haven't had alcohol since transitioning, but I could only imagine how it would affect me. Thanks troubles, for the 411!

  • edited October 2015

    I've been high raw for a year and 9 months. I love wine and locally brewed beer. I drink wine and beer because I enjoy it. I feel fine when I drink it. I don't drink as much as I used to when I lived in Ireland playing music before being raw.

    I prepare a lot of rich heavy gourmet meals and desserts on the weekend so perhaps I'm not as sensitive as others who are high raw. One size doesn't fit all. I say if you enjoy a little wine and beer, go for it. Life's short, so enjoy! :-)

    Try a seach on this website and you see a few other threads regarding alcohol. Some raw foodies definitely don't like alcohol while some do enjoy it from time to time. I also want to add that I do look for vegan & organic wines since I'm a vegan.



  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    haha, no prob guys. I've found since going raw that the types of alcohol that bothered me alot before going raw (hard liquor, red wine) bother me the least now and the things I didn't have a problem with before (beer, white wine) now are the worst. I can't drink vodka or rum at all though now. But whiskey is alright and red wine is great. I have a drink every few weeks for social things and find that I can sip a glass of red wine all night and not need any more than that to be completely satisfied. I do have to drink water as well though......

  • I have a glass of wine here and there, but I agree that it doesn't taste as good anymore (hello banana whips, bye-bye chardonnay!). I also make sure to drink uniced water with it.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I imbibe. Mostly wine and the occasional beer in the summer - rarely hard liquor. How does it make me feel? Um, toasty warm and liquidy! Wine with dinner is such a great pleasure.

  • Umm ya you could say that i drank like a fish when i was on SAD. I've been raw for almost 6 months now and i just don't crave liquor anymore. it's a crazy phenomenon. I agree with everyone else on here that i gives you a different feeling than it used to which is unappealing. i'll have 1 or 2 glasses of wine or a sake-cocktail with fresh juice maybe every other week but if friends come in town and theres no way to avoid the jager bombs i feel HORRIBLE the next day. So hungover and dehydrated it sucks bad, not even worth it. All I can say is your craving might pass even if you start out thinking theres no way i'll never be a non-drinker. With everything though, it depends on the person. Post in a few months!

  • Yes...i'm really glad this thread is was started. I drink socially quite a bit. I'm a whiskey girl, on the rocks. But I have noticed that I do drink less now that I am raw, and I need a lot more water to stave off hangovers. I drink because i enjoy it, when I stop enjoying it I will stop drinking. Life is about balance...i work nights and spending time over a few drinks with friends at my favorite dives enriches my life.

  • I think, as far as I remember, that beer is cooked but vegan wine (filtered by natural products and not gelatin/fish products) is raw, so go ahead and get stuck in!

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