the protein myth

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already posted this on another thread. i thought it was important so i wanted to share it again.

there is a myth that you need a lot of protein for optimal health. it doesn't help that the meat and dairy industry are spending millions and millions of dollars to propagate this myth.

all fruits and veggies have a percentage of protein. a lot of fruits actually have the perfect percentage of protein.

we need protein for 2 reasons: growth and tissue repair. a growing baby needs more protein than full grown adults. a mother's breast milk only supplies somewhere around 2% of the calories from protein and that's for a growing baby. that should give you an idea as to how much protein we need as full grown adults.

as far as tissue repair: as long as you are eating a healthful diet and introducing a minimal amount of toxins, your body will not need to continually replace tissue and repair like it would for the average standard american diet eater. also, protein is not a fuel source. it does not help with activity. carbohydrates are fuel. that's why you should eat a diet high in carbs, (fruits and veggies). if there is excess protein and not enough carbs, your body will break down the protein into a usable carbohydrate form. this process results in a loss of energy and a strain on the kidneys and liver. it also causes unhealthy weight loss due to the amount of energy used to break down the proteins. in the united states, protein is consumed in gross excess. it is very rare to have a true protein deficiency.

protein supplements are actually detrimental. they supply protein in excess and overwork the kidneys and liver. they supply protein in a completely unnatural isolated form and it throws your body out of balance while causing some nutritional deficiencies. fruits have the perfect ratios of water, fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. no protein is equal to the protein in whole, fresh, raw plant foods!

it is important to understand that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. essential amino acids are amino acids that our body does not synthesize and that we need to get from food. our body synthesizes the rest of the amino acids on it's own. excess essential amino acids are deposited in a pool and withdrawn later when needed. so basically, you always have enough amino acids which are the building blocks of protein circulating in your body.

there is no need to worry about protein if you are eating a variety of fruits and veggies over the course of your life.

here is a list of the amino acids, their functions, and which foods contain them so that you can be sure you are getting everything you need:



  • I'm sending this to my asshole teacher who thinks eating meat is the best thing you can do for you body. So thank you for posting this!


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    you're welcome! meat is the worst source of protein because we don't have the enzyme uricase like true carnivores do. they need this to convert the uric acid. since we do not have uricase, the uric acid stays in the system and causes a load of diseases and ailments. also, we do not have the correct physiology for processing meat efficiently. the meat takes so long to digest and usually putrefies, also contributing to disease.

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