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Traveling Raw Foodie

I am off again traveling for work for 4 long days. I just got back on track after some time off and I am terrified of Monday coming. I have a real hard time getting to 100% b/c of work in general, which I have posted about before, but this time I am going to a particularly stressful development lab for work. Completely overrated, but I really don’t have a choice.

What types of things do you all travel with? I think I eat way too many nuts/seeds as it is, but they travel easy. HELP!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Bananas, oranges and satsumas keep pretty well.

    Get an old squash plastic bottle and fill it with green smoothie, juice etc, keep it in a freezer/cold bag.

    Make flax crackers, lots of them.

    Take a large plastic mixing bowl and avocado, tomato, kale, salt, olive oil and cayenne, you can make a big kale salad in the bowl every day. Or any salad, kale is just my favourite. Avocados travel well and are so satisfying.

    Good luck, I hope you make it!

  • Why do you need to travel with the food? Can’t you go to a supermarket when you arrive and buy fresh food? I travel internationally quite a bit and I don’t bring food except a few bananas for the plane ride. I find a supermarket close to where I will stay and buy everything I need each day. It’s best to avoid nuts and eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are full of natural water and vitamins.

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    I read over at welikeitraw that sarma does a fast whenever she travels…. its such a simple thing yet I never think of it! I just obsess about what to take with me, as most of us do.

    I just wanted to throw that idea in there, since it was such a unique idea. It’s always nice to “reboot” your body from time to time.

    However, as you’ll be so stressed I recommend treating yourself to your favorite raw foods. You deserve it and you should be eating the very best!

    If you are able to take cold foods I’d recommend some pates so you can just spread them over crackers or make lettuce wraps.

    I think other than nuts your best bets will be fruits that don’t spoil easily, like apples and bananas.

    Good luck!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    When I travel, I try to take dehydrated goodies with me. Since I can get veggies and fruits where I am travelling too, I plan to take something more substantial with nuts/seeds… which I can add to my meals.

    When flying, I get ice after passing through airport security to keep my food cool. Of course, it helps to get a hotel room with a refrigerator. But, before I try any of this… I always look for a raw food restaurant or health store. :o) I usually find at least one.

  • Thank you for all of your tips and support. I have arrived in NJ with some fruit in hand. The hotel has a grocery service:-) YIPEEE!! That will cover me for the most part. The second challenge is that I am in sales, and at these meetings, lunches tend to be rough as well as dinners. It’s more the reaction of others than actually finding the food. I find it amazing how curious people are and how much they want to talk to you about food when your trying to be healthy. I don’t question them about the 12 oz Prime Rib with Mashed potatoes:-)

    Thanks again ya’ll. I knew I could count on you guys

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