Learning about raw- where do i start??

I just recently decided for a complete change in lifestyle. I want to detox my body and be healthy. I want to make sure this is something i stick with because i do LOVE food. I am a meat eater and a junkfoodie!! I no longer want these things for myself, but im scared of the effect it may have on my body.

Anyone know a good recipe to start with???


  • It would help if you started by reading the forums, then you might want to spend a day or two watching youtube video's on making raw recipes, so you will know what you are getting into... Then decide what foods you really enjoy and try making a raw version of them..

    Start slowly by making one recipe and eating only it each night before trying something else... During the day put together a smoothie from preferred fruits and veggies... OR start by eating an all fruit breakfast and all salad lunch and dinner and then move forward to more complicated recipes... But trust me, you will come back to simplicity as that is where you will evolve... The dehydrated and complicated recipes are transitional means of eating and getting adjusted...

    Welcome and Good Luck!!!

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