tasting things

This is kind of weird, I was just wondering if anyone else experiences it,

For the past few days (though I've had it loads of times before since I started eating raw foods/paying attention to and loving my food as I ate it), I've had this weird tasting sensation in the afternoons. Its like I'm tasting foods from meals I've had recently again, or certain ingredients from them, like a kind of eating flashback. Its not in a bad way though like when you have a horrible aftertaste, its really nice...like having a meal without eating. Yesterday it was hijiki, I could just taste it all afternoon and had to go home and eat some ! And bananas and porridge (I'm not 100%), sometimes parsley too but well...basically anything, I think there was avocado in there earlier even though I haven't had one i a while. I can't really explain it, its not like a craving, more like a memory but thats actually vividly real in my mouth. Has anyone else experienced this? Or have I just got some kind of crazy thing going on with my taste buds/digestive system? I'm feeling very connected to my food at the moment I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it?


  • hmm...I can't say that Ive had exactly this and definitely not with as much reoccurring as yours seems to do but I do have a few distinct memories of...this is weird to lol, kissing that made a sweet taste, like strawberry or dates. It was weird. and addicting. I don't know if that's where it came from or if my bf has amazing tasting kisses. I think it may have to do with what I consumed. I can think of 3 occasions of this happening.

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